KSS Engineering was born as CAD/CAM service for companies, our natural predisposition to optimize all phases of the production process has led us over the years to analyze multiple critical issues and try to optimize costs to remain competitive in an increasingly aggressive market.
The idea of applying unconventional production processes to consumables that simply cost too much for the function they have to perform and, thanks to new technologies, can be produced with innovative materials guaranteeing performances comparable or even superior to their predecessors.
Knowing perfectly the costs and risks of a wrong choice on the production line, we took care to test our product line for a long time, on real production lines in batches of hundreds of thousands of pieces, in order to be sure to save you money without compromising reliability in any way.

The advantages are:


High wear resistance - The consumables used to replace components produced in Teflon/Delrin and for metal replacement are produced with SCR (special compound robotics) and SCR-C (special compound robotics composite) materials developed by our R&D department specifically for robotics/automation applications, guarantee a strong resistance to wear and to oils and acids typical of mechanical processing. With the advantage of not marking the machined part in any way.

At the same time we have certified biocompatible materials for medical and food components.


Feather weight - The components produced, have a significantly reduced weight compared to the "old" consumables up to -80%. This creates a big advantage in terms of:

  •   Reduced effort for the machine/robot means less maintenance and less time. (Reduced weight = less effort = more speed);
  •  Advantage during the equipping phase: the operator is facilitated by the reduced weight of the consumables, being able to handle the components directly with the hands with less risk of injury and without the help of a second support operator.
  •    Light" warehouses - Consumables are stored in automated warehouses, featherweight components completely eliminate the overload problems typical of over-loaded drawers in terms of weight.


Fast production - Our production process is FAST! Compared to traditional systems our times are quantified in hours / days and not in weeks. For the customer it means having the components very quickly and completely eliminating the dreaded machine downtime.

Machine stopped = delay = economic loss


Zero limits - Internal ducts and special undercuts are not a problem at all, this creates great advantages when designing consumables.


Price - the initial objective was to provide the customer with consumables that were comparable or superior to those on the market at a significantly lower price. In standard components the economic advantage is quantifiable down to -50%.