15 May 2022

CNC - Multi-function jig for CMM measuring station + milling

Multi-function jig for measuring station + milling designed and manufactured in our factory. Considering the mathematics, for this project we abandoned #additivemanufacturing in favour of [...]
7 May 2022

Design and manufacture of gripping hands for industrial robots

Gripping hands for taping robots. Manufactured in additive with high temperature resistant material. Lightweight Resistant Economical. Workpiece: aluminium component coming out of the machine.
9 April 2022

Metrology - Design and manufacture of jigs for CMM measuring stations

Medium-sized jig for CMM measuring station. Designed and manufactured in-house using additive and subtractive technology. Possibility of measuring both sides of the [...]
19 January 2022

3D Printing - CNC Brackets

3D print tri-material - Industrial pneumatic vice jaws Chip removal Red: Shore rubber 90 A Yellow: Transparent hard material (torque indicator led) Green: Hard material (torque indicator led) [...].
13 September 2021

Foil Lock - Quick release system for hydrofoil

Foil Lock Fitting hydrofoil to your kite, wing, windsurf board has never been easier! Available M8 and M6 KSS Engineering has been collaborating for years [...]
22 May 2021

Plugs for pipe bending dies

Plugs produced in #additivemanufacturing for pipe bending dies. Materials to be bent: copper and aluminium Advantages of our product compared to the Delrin milled component: - Half the cost; - Half the life of the [...]
13 May 2021

Machining positions

Machining positions produced with hybrid technology ready for dispatch !!! We have substituted, by optimising the cad design, components previously produced in C40 with a mix of [...]
28 April 2021

Rubber grip spacers - Automation

The customer needed to preserve the finish of semi-finished products during an additional milling process in an automatic production station. We have produced some [...]
February 21st, 2021

Rapid prototyping and production of rubber parts

Rubber spacers for automation sector LEAD TIME 5 DAYS: cad project + 60 FDM prototypes + 3D prototype mould + mould milled from solid [...].
5 November 2020

KSS Engineering joins Innoveneto

INNOVATE the portal created by the Veneto Region to promote the ecosystems related to innovation processes, technology transfer and internationalization in its companies and [...]
2 September 2020

3D printing service - High resolution - promo - 20%.

You're designing a component and you don't want to make expensive mold modifications? Print it in high resolution 3D before making the mold. This month we offer [...]
24 July 2020

Micro grippers robot - high resolution - biocompatible ISO-10993

Micro size robot gripper, manufactured with ISO-10993 biocompatible material. The high resolution production allows to remain within a tolerance of ±0.05 mm. File supplied [...]
9th July 2020

Production and sale of components for industrial automation

Production and sale of components for industrial automation. Application example: Gripping handles for unloading bar lathe with high production capacity. Advantages: - Ultra-competitive price; [...]
19 June 2020

3D Printing Service - available Nylon PA 6

We have doubled our 3D printing capacity. From now on, in addition to ABS, white Nylon PA6 printed with FDM technology is also available. Layering [...]
1 May 2020

Research and development of instruments for the medical sector

Research and Development of tools for the medical sector. - surgical guides; - instruments for analysis; - instruments for laboratory. It starts from the idea of the doctor [...]
23 April 2020

Mould - Composite materials

Mould for composite materials, specifically: carbon, for components in the outdoor sports sector. Designed and produced internally with additive manufacturing technique. The quality of the product [...]
18 April 2020

Robot suction sockets - Burr cutter - Brass hot stamping

Robot suction sockets for burr cutting, brass hot stamping sector. We have designed and produced more than 1000 robot suction handles for the movement of [...]
8 April 2020

Jewelry prototyping - High resolution 3d printing

We produce prototypes of jewelry useful to visualize and touch the idea of the master goldsmith. At the same time they can be entrusted to sellers to get a [...]
7 April 2020

Internal core for carbon fiber component - automotive racing

In production: Internal core for carbon product. The material used is resistant to pressure and temperature exerted by the autoclave. Thanks to this process, it is possible to [...]
1st April 2020

Emergency Coronavirus / Covid-19

We can design, rebuild and produce components of any kind in the medical field (structures for buffers, fittings, valves, surgical guides, etc.) and of any other type. The [...]
3 February 2017

Biocompatible functional prototype for medical surgical device

Material used: High resolution biocompatible suitable for contact with skin and mucosa for 24 hours after sterilization. After 6 months of research&development on the idea of [...].