With 15 years of experience, first as milling machines on board the machine and then on the cad/cam side, they pushed us to find new solutions to facilitate the construction of moulds.
Thanks to our additive manufacturing process, we can produce various components:
- Prototype core case inserts
- Complete molds or lost wax casting components
- Pilot moulds for injection moulding
Using a 3+2 machine tool to build small components is often an "economic loss":
- study of the clamping system
- programming on board of the machine / CAM;
-production time
With additive manufacturing, this burden is eliminated, leaving it to the cnc machines to produce larger elements. We have no limits when it comes to undercuts and complex internal channels, we produce the finished product in a single positioning. On the cost side, we manage to be more competitive, up to 50% less than the CNC.