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22 May 2021
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19 January 2022

Foil Lock - Quick release system for hydrofoil

Foil Lock

Mounting the hydrofoil on your kite, wing or windsurf board has never been easier!

M8 and M6 available

KSS Engineering has been working for many years in the watersports sector and has launched Foil Lock on the market.

Our special Foil Lock T-nuts allow to be locked with a stainless steel screw at the desired distance.

This allows the foil to be assembled and disassembled very quickly, always ensuring the same longitudinal position.

Foil Lock - guide Foil lock - fitted

The dowels adhere laterally to the guides, avoiding any twisting.

This guarantees rigidity, smooth running and zero stress on the guides and the board.

worknc cam Production Foil Lock

Design and production are handled in-house.

We can customise the product according to customer requirements.

The material used is CNC machined extruded brass.


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